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Dolphin Conservation Centre Hits Mainstream Nepali Media...

December, 19th 2014

The Dolphin Conservation Centre was featured in National News for their UNDP supported engagement with the local communities of Kailali, Nepal.  

Featured above is Bhoj Raj Dhungana and his Uncle for their village's lifelong commitment to Gangetic River Dolphin Conservation. 

Visitors come from across the globe to their village, Dhungana Tole (a hotspot for River Dolphin) to view the spectacle during Monsoon months (May-October). 

Nepal's Prime Minister Koirala awards DCC's Founder, Bhoj Raj Shrestha

December, 6th 2014

Dolphin Conservation Centre's Founder Mr. Bhoj Raj Shrestha (aka Slingshot Grandpa) received a national award from Prime Minister Koirala on behalf of NAST ( Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) for his lifelong commitment to Gangetic River Dolphin Conservation in Nepal. Congratulations Guleili Baje (Slingshot Grandpa)!! 

India Announces a Ganges River Dolphin Count for the Northern States this November

October, 17th 2014

Amidst dwindling population of Gangetic river dolphins as only 2,000 are left in the country, the state government is gearing up to undertake Dolphin census in major rivers next month. Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav is likely to flag off the campaign.

View Gangetic river dolphin census next month

Dolphin Population Has DOUBLED In The Past Two Decades

September, 14th 2014

Prawesh Poudel’s population survey in the Karnali contributed to numerical data that lead Professor Shambhu Paudel  to the following conclusions based on Smith’s survey completed in 1993.

View Number of freshwater dolphins doubles in two decades: Study

Population Survey

August, 10th 2014

Researcher Prawesh Poudel (3rd from right) performed a boat based population survey in the Geruwa and Mohana rivers noting a minimal abundance of approximately 12 individuals.

image: Poudel at the end of his Abundance Survey with community members of Dhungana Tole and visiting journalists, capturing the impacts of climate change on the locals and River Dolphin habitat. 

(check out www.kevinjbeaty.com  for more info)


The Rani Jamarya Kulariya Irrigation Project

August, 10th 2014

Nepal's Rani Jamarya Kulariya Project is finalising their canal construction with consideration for GRD hotspots. They are working closely with DCC to consider the IUCN 'Red Listed' endangered species. 

(image: Confluence of Patriya and Mohana Rivers. -A Major GRD hotspot.)

Should you have any concerns regarding the project's environmental impacts, email:  rjkip@hotmail.com