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Our vision is to prevent the extinction of the Ganges River Dolphin whilst striving for the long-term conservation and protection of the species and its habitat.


We strive to contribute to the long-term conservation of the in-situ Ganges River Dolphin population of Nepal, while simultaneously preserving their habitat through community involvement, education, and the promotion of sound scientific research through open access data.

We have a number of programs throughout the year. If you would like to become a supporter and sponsor an educational outreach program, please contact us now.

For all media and publication inquiries please email us directly at GangesRiverDolphin@gmail.com


• To broaden watershed-based education with hopes of promoting long-term conservation solutions for the Ganges River Dolphin in Nepal
• To promote the notion that Freshwater Dolphin are flagship species of their watershed
• To provide a space for research, shared data, and community participation.
• To establish a viable population of Ganges River Dolphin in the wild through curbing anthropogenic threats.

How we started:

DCC began its activities in 1994 in Bhajani, Nepal under the ambition and leadership of environmental enthusiast and activist, Bhoj Raj Shrestha (also known as Guleili Baje/ Slingshot Grandpa).
Throughout the decades, Shrestha and his crew confiscated thousands of slingshots once used by Nepali youth for shooting birds and dolphin for sport, and has been on the forefront implimenting environmental education programs on Ganges River Dolphin conservation and planting thousands of trees in his private forest to curb the threats posed by Climate Change.
In 1998, Shrestha turned his private forest into an environmental education center for students from around and within his district to experience, appreciate, and learn from the natural world.
Today, the DCC has twelve Dolphin Conservation Center branches within the Karnali River system, delivering school outreach conservation programs, and providing as a research base for conservationists and biologists from all over to world to better understand and observe Nepal’s Ganges River Dolphin with hopes of restoring the population to a sustainable and viable number.
The Dolphin Conservation Center’s fundamental means for obtaining its objective in conserving the Ganges River Dolphin is through grassroots education . -Since its establishment, DCC has dedicated the majority of its volunteer staff’s time, energy, and resources on the ground and has received grants from World Bank through the UNDP SGP to further and disseminate its educational programs throughout the Karnali watershed.
Since its establishment, DCC has noticed an increase in Ganges River Dolphin abundance coupled with an increase of educational awareness throughout the region.

Learn more about DCC’s success and recent Ganges River Dolphin Count

The Ganges River Dolphin is a flagship species and is an indicator of an overall healthy ecosystem for man, plants, and animals.

If you would like to plant a tree in honor or memory of a loved one, along the Riparian Zone of the Karnali Riversystem, contact us now.

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